Onsite LabVIEW training course at Roca manufacturing plant in Leiria, Portugal

During March 2021, PerfectDecibel have done with success an onsite NI LabVIEW training course (level basics and intermediate) for the engineering maintenance staff at Roca manufacturing plant in Leiria. 

Roca´s portuguese industrial factories use NI LabVIEW more than a decade as SCADA to interface with thousands of variables, analogics and digitals signals coming from sensors, actuators & alarms, of the automation PLCs network along all their manufacturing process.

+25 years experience in NI LabVIEW

Carlos Gomes, General Manager at PerfectDecibel since 2018, have more than 25 years experience in LabVIEW (since LabVIEW 2.0), from engineering students, teachers, researchers, industrial end-users and integrators, in Portugal and France. 

Countries where from 1992 to 2018, he have introduce the LabVIEW graphical programming, in the majors and prestigious engineering schools, universities & laboratories, during his experienced journey in Paris and Lisbon international offices of National Instruments Corporation.