On-site LabVIEW training course at Hanon Palmela Plant, Portugal


Over 3 days in November 2023, PerfectDecibel successfully held an on-site LabVIEW Core I training course to a group of engineers and technicians from the production team at the Hanon Palmela Plant in Portugal.

Hanon Systems Portugal has been producing automotive compressors for over 25 years and continues to grow in the electrified vehicle segment. The Palmela plant is located in the Setúbal District, about 25 kilometers south of Lisbon, Portugal. It opened in 1998 producing mechanical scroll compressors for Ford Motor Co., and became part of Visteon Corp. in 2000. The Portuguese entity changed its name in 2015, shortly after the Korea-based parent company became Hanon Systems. Hanon Systems is a trusted global partner for electric scroll compressors and support the industry’s migration toward E-mobility.

Hanon Systems designs and manufactures mechanical and electric automotive compressors, which enable the operability of an A/C system by circulating refrigerant at a high temperature and pressure to the condenser. As a critical component in the delivery of cabin comfort in electrified vehicles, the Hanon Systems electric scroll compressor (HES) is equipped with a strength-enhanced scroll design, on-board electric motor and high performance electronic inverter. Optimized to control back-pressure and compression efficiency, and available across a wide speed range (850 to 11,000 rpm), electric compressor solutions from Hanon Systems support hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, and heat pump system applications. https://www.hanonsystems.com/EN/Solutions/Climate#tab1-2

Hanon Portugal use LabVIEW for more than 15 years for their EOL data acquisition systems including NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing in production lines with comunication and interface with hundreds of variables, analog and digital signals coming from sensors, actuators and alarms connected to PLCs using Ethernet / IP Protocol.

On-site LabVIEW training course at Roca manufacturing plant in Leiria, Portugal

During March 2021, PerfectDecibel have done with success an onsite LabVIEW Core I & II training course for the engineering maintenance staff at Roca manufacturing plant in Leiria. 

Roca´s portuguese industrial factories use LabVIEW more than a decade as SCADA to interface with hundreds of variables, analogics and digitals signals coming from sensors & actuators connected to automation PLCs network along all their manufacturing process.

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