PerfectDecibel works in close partnership with global system integrator to ensure we propose you the best technical, service and economic solutions for your testing PCBs challenges using ICT In-Line Testers.

In-Circuit Testers is a successful method for electrically testing PCB assemblies once they have passed through a soldering process and visual inspection. The limited access to the circuit nodes in densely populated PCBs with tiny components seriously challenges traditional PCBA testing strategies. 
ICT is able to detect manufacturing defects including track open/short problems, component missing, mis-orientation, wrong component placement, IC pin floating, etc.

In-Line Handling Solutions : 

Our economic In-Line handler series easily customized for your particular needs. Wide range of PCB dimensions, high handling speed, fast and easy setup facilitated product changeover, flexible and adapted to different electronic test technologies, our solutions will be the best choice for your In Line testing needs. No need of intermediate buffering and link-conveyors with Bar Code Readers. Our projects are focused on providing the best engineering solutions for specific test necessities integrated in our Handling Systems.

Tests: ICT ; Digital / Boundary scan ; ISP – In System Programming ; LED testing ; Functional ; Vision


General characteristics :

Designed to cover a large number of test points, with long panels for future expansion, our in-line handling solutions were developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry for testing a wide range of PCBs. These systems are also suitable for other industries, such as consumer and industrial electronics.

Key points : 

Quick return on investment – ROI ; Applicable to a wide range of PCB dimensions ; High handling speed ; Quick setup and easy product replacement ; Flexible and adaptable solutions to different electronic test technologies

Products : XILS1000 ; XILS800 ; XILS800-TSI ; XILS600 

XILS800-TSI Handler with ICT powered by Teradyne (for the most demanding applications)

  • With up to 5120 test points, this system is built in a high resistance iron and aluminum structure and supports up to 10kN forces.
  • Wide range of PCB dimensions
  • Fully integrated Teradyne test system inline platform

XILS600 Handling Solution (ideal for critical instruments)
  • Flexible, versatile and multiuse handler for ISP (Flashing) and FCT (Functional) applications.
  • Special Instrumentation subrack with a secondary interface to the fixture, with short wiring distance between the instrumentation and the UUT,
  • With double conveyor system (both @SMEMA level)
  • Can be connected to other XILS600 handlers in a serial line
  • Communication between handlers with no need of additional link-conveyors with bar code readers and buffering stations
  • Line setup configurable by software and customized during product setup