PerfectDecibel was created in April 2018 by Carlos Gomes (Owner & General Manager) with twenty five years of international experience in engineering, test, data acquisition measurement, control and industrial automation, sales, marketing, management, CRM, business development.

PerfectDecibel proposes two main activities : consulting services and distribution of measurement and real-time control products

Consulting services at national and international level 
* Business Development, Sales Coordination, CRM
Partnership with systems integrators, engineering universities and R&D Labs

Representation and distribution of data aquisition measurement and real-time control products 
* Low-cost multifunction data acquisition modules
* Cubes & Racks Distributed Data Acquisition and Programmable Automation Controller from United Electronic Industries (UEI)  
International partnership  
PerfectDecibel has signed a protocol of strategic partnership, exclusive representation and distribution for Portugal, Galicia and Africa with United Electronic Industries (UEI),

UEI Cubes and Racks solutions can be used in two distinct functionalities: 
* Distributed data acquisition controlled by PC Windows or Linux over TCP / IP with applications in NI LabVIEW, Matlab, C, C ++, C #, VB, Python running on the PC. 
* Deterministic real-time acquisition and control with Linux RT or VxWorks running on the internal microprocessor of the UEI Cube or Rack with embedded C / C ++, Simulink

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Address : Rua Afonso Banheiro, Varandas do mar, Bloco A, R/c D, Praia das Maças, 2705-297 Colares, Portugal
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