PerfectDecibel was created in April 2018 by Carlos Gomes (Owner & General Manager) with more than twenty five years of international experience in Test and Measurement (PXI, GPIB, Serial, Ethernet, USB), Data Acquisition (DAQ), Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and Real-Time Control. 

PerfectDecibel proposes two main activities : Consulting services and Distribution of measurement products & solutions

Consulting services at national and international level 
* Recommendation of instrumentation, data acquisition, real-time control hardware
* Recommendation of integrators and test laboratories service providers for turnkey solutions 
* Partnership and collaborations with major local and global engineering universities
* Engineering students Internships, Training NI LabVIEW
* Recruitment of engineering human resources in electronics/electrotechnical, mechatronics, programming langage in C, C++, C#, Python, NI LabVIEW  

Representation and distribution of test and measurement products 
* Low-cost USB & Ethernet multifunction data acquisition modules
* PCI & PXI Measurement cards I/O analog, digital, counter/timer
* Cubes & Racks Distributed Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) from United Electronic Industries (UEI)  

Engineered & Made in Portugal
PerfectDecibel is fully committed to create, collaborate and promote with Innovation, Engineering and Technology our "School of Sagres" of the XXI century with exchange and partnerships in our Portuguese ecosystem of Engineering Universities, R&D Laboratories, Systems Integrators, Startups, SMEs and Industries. Contributing to develop and commercialize products, services and solutions with entrepreneurship and prestige.
"Talent de bien faire", motto of Infante D. Henrique

International partnership  
PerfectDecibel has signed a protocol of strategic partnership, exclusive representation, importation and distribution for Portugal, Galicia and Africa with United Electronic Industries (UEI),

UEI Cubes and Racks solutions can be used in two distinct functionalities: 
* Distributed data acquisition controlled by PC Windows or Linux over TCP / IP with applications in NI LabVIEW, Matlab, C, C ++, C #, VB, Python running on the PC. 
* Deterministic real-time acquisition and control with Linux RT or VxWorks running on the internal microprocessor of the UEI Cube or Rack with embedded C / C ++, Simulink

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Address : Rua Afonso Banheiro, Varandas do mar, Bloco A, R/c D, Praia das Maças, 2705-297 Colares, Portugal
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